Thursday, December 13, 2012


my intention was to get up at 5am and make it to a 5:45am body pump class - instead i reset my alarm for 7am. but 30 minutes into my reentry into slumber, i woke up. so at 5:30am, i gave up, gave in, and i went to the gym. i was already late to the class, but i had a backup plan.

so my group of friends and i (affectionately known as The CC) have decided to do a 5K in february, so i finally started the C25K program this morning. i wasn't sure how i'd do. i know i'm stronger than i was two months ago (when i started with the new trainer) but you never know how that translates to cardio. especially running. 

i didn't go fast, and it was only week 1 day 1, but it was EASY. i wasn't even tired afterwards. it felt more like a warmup than anything else. i am happy, and i'm also trying not to get too far ahead of myself. slow and steady progress.compartmentalizing (fitness for fitness' sake - not tying it to weight loss). one day at a time just like how i'm treating my eating issues.

follow up to day three: it was a little bit of a struggle. i ate healthfully but i did feel hungry all day. i felt wanting. but i didn't go home and add any mound of cheese to my asparagus, spaghetti squash and chicken. i was mindful of portions and ingredients. so i'm letting those feelings go and moving on today.

since i had a pretty stellar start to the day, i'm going to embrace those feelings for the time being (even though only 15 minutes into my work day, i've already got several fires to put out. it never ends*.)

*note to self: i am thankful for having a job that challenges me. i am thankful for being able to buy groceries, and have a problem that i eat too MUCH food, as opposed to not having access to food (and clean water) and starving. i'm thankful that i have full use of all my limbs and am relatively healthy despite being overweight. i am very lucky. 

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