Friday, December 21, 2012


i ate salad every day for lunch this week. i've been loving trader joe's pre-made salads - they have interesting ingredients, the calories are all laid out for me, and they taste great. but i found myself bored with the idea of salad today.

i ate my salad, and it tasted good, but i feel a little bored. which is not good for me - i need to be interested in my healthy food choices. i need to WANT to eat my lunch so that i don't go out and buy something unhealthy, or at least less healthy than whatever i would bring. that will be interesting, figuring out what sort of lunch might be a good option for me.

my mind still drifts to salty and savory indulgences. rarely sweets or sugary things, which is unusual. i've always had a sweet tooth. but i guess twelve days without having any dessert or explicitly sugary thing will do that to you. i have a cupcake from a coworker sitting on my desk right now, and i have to figure out what to do with it. the point here being, i'm happy that in this moment, i'm not obsessing over eating it or not eating it, i don't care all that much. and that's awesome.

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